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Oct 2, 2012 6:00am EDT
than hillary clinton. but i think ann romney was quoted the other day by radio iowa saying about the criticism, stop it, this is hard. and i got a lot of e-mails about that, either when we did something on the blog, bearing from coming in, good for her to, doesn't she get it? was another one, keep to can you imagine if michelle obama had said that? people would've been angry. i thought it was a very, i think was probably not something the campaign as a structure would've wanted as a statement on the because it's not their message. but i thought it was a very human thing. she was talking about her husband, she is experienced with getting beat up. i guess the response to that is you chose to run for office and yes, it is hard. what we demand from our candidates is a lot in the country. even for the criticism that ron is getting about not doing enough in terms of events. he is doing a tremendous number of fund-raising events. it's incredibly hard and incredibly grueling. i can't imagine watching my husband go through it. my husband has a similar reaction in terms of just being very
Sep 27, 2012 6:00am EDT
60s with republicans making games. to the point where under clinton the lines converge. today in pulling it is nine or 10. in fact, i would argue that obama wins, this class in version has to get wide. what it is done is produce an invite i think in which for all the nuns were talking about, the obama formula for victory can be reduced to just two numbers with maybe a third one on the side, 80-40. if he matches that in 2012 and those nonwhite voters represent at least 26% they did last time he only needs 40% of whites to win. and, in fact, as we were saying the internal composition of the white vote is change in the way that makes it more accessible for him to get there. to me you have to look not only at education agenda. basically it creates four quadrant. if you look at the way, college wightman, noncollege white men, and noncollege white women, obama was at 42 orbital. he will drop in all three of those quadrants. his numbers are consistently running a little lower than they did in a weight among the noncollege men, noncollege women. the fourth quadrant is the college educate
Sep 26, 2012 7:30am EDT
it. he said similar things as a senator against secretary clinton, pushing the stop hillary campaign when you were chairman of the senate republican campaign committee. some of it might just be kind of sports or competitive rhetoric, but that's not what it's going to take to fix washington. we need more bridge builders. we need more people who want to listen and find common ground. that's the one thing we are missing in congress right now, and we've got to put people in place to have a demonstrated track record of being able to do it. >> moderator: tim gunn you pick out certain quotes from it, and let me share some quotes with other folks have said about our records. records of service to the "washington post" which really says anything good about republicans said this about my service in governor. quote, while some democrats in richmond may hold their applause and factor general assembly in fact, the fact is that governor allen has been markedly successful in generating business investment in virginia. virginia education association said that our education budget was the best they'v
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3